TWO children showed their support for Palestine by dressing up as journalists whilst giving speeches at an emergency rally on Tuesday.

Siblings Mourad and Mila Ebied, aged 9 and 7, spoke at a demonstration in Edinburgh to protest the ongoing atrocities in Gaza.

The protest, organised by the Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) alongside other groups such as the Edinburgh University Justice for Palestine Society (JPS), and Stop the War Coalition, condemned the Israeli Government’s attacks on Rafah, as well as the intentional targeting of journalists in Gaza.

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Speaking to the crowd, the young siblings shared their perspective on the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

“Brick by brick and stone by stone, dreams will be rebuilt, you won’t be alone,” said Mourad.

He continued: “Yet in the rubble, a question remains: Will compassion rise, breaking the chains?

“They may destroy every tree and flower, but we will end this, our unity’s our power.”

Mila, addressing “friends from Palestine”, said she was “sorry” that children in Gaza could not experience the same childhood as her own.

“I’m sorry that the leaders turned away from you. I’m sorry the world failed you.

“Your pain is my pain. We’re both children, but I wake up to the alarm clock, you wake up to the sound of bombs.

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“I wake up to mama saying “Mila, you’re gonna be late to school”, you wake up to your mama saying “Hurry up, we need to leave”.

“I brush my teeth, you brush off the wounds. I wash my face, you wash off the blood.

“I go to school, you go to war.”

The National: Julie and her dog Tilly at the demonstration on TuesdayJulie and her dog Tilly at the demonstration on Tuesday (Image: NQ)

Protestors condemned the Israeli military’s attacks in Rafah, the southernmost part of Gaza where 1.5 million Palestinians are estimated to have been displaced.

On Monday, dozens of Palestinians are believed to have been killed by Israeli air strikes in Rafah.

The demonstration also honoured the work of Palestinian journalists such as Bisan, without whom many of the stories in Gaza would not have been told or shared with the international community.

As of February 13, a total of 95 Palestinian journalists have been killed in Gaza, as recorded by the International Federation of Journalists.

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Once speaker told demonstrators that he had recently spoken to a Palestinian currently in Rafah, who told him: "Our people are determined to go no where, not to go out of Gaza."

Speaking to The National, Vanesa Fuertes, chair of the Edinburgh SPSC branch, said: “We ask people not to fall into despair, despite the horrifying scenes coming from Rafah. We must mobilise and exert greater pressure than ever before on our political representatives.

“We welcome the request today from South Africa to the ICJ to intervene in Rafah as a matter of urgency.”

Fuertes condemned political leaders in Westminster for “their roles in the death of tens of thousands of Palestinians”.

Fuertes continued: “Sunak and Starmer maintain a criminal silence on the genocide and must be held to account for their roles in the death of tens of thousands of Palestinians.

“We ask the public to join us as we march to the Labour Party conference this Saturday in Glasgow, assembling at George Square at 1pm.”

The National:

A spokesperson for Edinburgh University JPS told The National: “On Monday, in the early morning, over 67 Palestinians were killed after air and sea strikes, launched by the Israeli government.

“The same government that, at the start of their constant bombardments and attacks on Palestine since October 7, told Palestinians to go seek ‘shelter’ in that same area, Rafah. Where there is no water, electricity, food, and where Israelis stop, in a testament of their cruelty, international aid convoys to reach Palestine.

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“They violate international treaties and agreements, and continuously commit war crimes. It is apt to describe their actions as genocidal.

“Since October 7, we have been motivated to act, speak, protest, and demonstrate, to show [the] University of Edinburgh, and the UK, and the rest of the world, that we refuse to be complicit in genocide by confining ourselves to silence. We speak out to show our solidarity and our support.

“As the Justice for Palestine Society, we refuse to be mute, and hope, by organizing these protests, to make our voices heard loud and clear so that action can be taken.”

A national demonstration will be held in Glasgow on Saturday to protest against the “genocide” in Gaza, with plans to march to the Scottish Labour party conference.