EDINBURGH Castle has responded to controversy around the “deeply offensive” name of its Redcoat cafe with a pledge to “review” it.

Historic Environment Scotland, which runs the castle, has also said that the name of its “Jacobite function room” will be under review.

The news comes after a severe backlash at the Redcoat cafe name which was sparked by the announcement of a completed renovation.

“We are happy to welcome you all back to our newly refurbished Redcoat cafe,” Edinburgh Castle’s official account wrote on Twitter/X. “If you are visiting us over the weekend, pop in for a warm beverage or even a tasty slice of cake.”

A backlash at the name of the cafe saw SNP MP Douglas Chapman call for a “swift rebrand”.

A petition calling for the “deeply offensive” name to be changed was set up and has so far gathered more than 1100 signatures.

Responding to the controversy, a spokesperson for Historic Environment Scotland said: “We are aware of the comments on social media on both sides of the debate about the name of the café at Edinburgh Castle.

“The name has been in place since 1992 and reflects the military history which is told throughout the castle, however the way we interpret history is constantly evolving.

“As part of our future plans for Edinburgh Castle, the names of both the Redcoat Café and Jacobite function room will now be reviewed.”

The Redcoat cafe is currently named after the red-uniformed British troops who fought against the Jacobites in Scotland, against US succession in North America, and were involved in colonisation across the globe. They counted a number of Scots among their ranks.

The Jacobite room refers to supporters of King James VII of Scotland and II of England, the last Catholic British monarch. James was deposed by protestant supporters of his daughter Mary and son-in-law William of Orange.

Alba general secretary Chris McEleny had raised concerns about the Redcoat name in the summer of 2023.

Asked what he thought of the new review pledge from Historic Environment Scotland, McEleny said it should spark a wider review of Edinburgh Castle's presentation.

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He said: “You will not visit an attraction anywhere else in the world that names a facility after what many view as occupying forces. It would be like the White House having a wing named the Red Coat Wing. 

“Edinburgh Castle should be a living example of Scotland’s story. Not only does the Redcoat cafe need a name change, the entire castle needs to better reflect all of the ages of Scottish history that it has served.

"Presently it demotes anything prior to the 18th century to a footnote and elevates British imperial history to a presence more suited to the Imperial War Museum in London. It’s time for the Saltire to fly high at Edinburgh Castle. “