ALDI has been revealed as the top supermarket in Scotland when it comes to stocking the most Scottish produce, new research has found.

The announcement comes as the National Farmers Union of Scotland (NFUS) released results on Thursday, February 8 from its largest ever survey of Scottish supermarket shelves.

The survey, conducted on behalf of farmers and crofters, took place in 71 stores, including Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Co-Op, Marks and Spencer, Lidl and Aldi over a two-day period.

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Results showed that Aldi had the largest percentage of Scottish produce overall at almost 49%, and were the only retailer to stock 100% fresh Scottish pork and 100% Scottish eggs.

Aldi also had the highest percentage of Scottish products across chicken (86%) and vegetables (61%) as well as cheese (22%) and butter (34%).

In response to the latest statistics, the group buying director of Aldi Scotland said: “At Aldi, we are proud to lead the way in Scottish sourcing and the results of the NFUS survey affirm our commitment to showcasing the very best of Scottish produce.

“I am pleased that Aldi has been recognised for our commitment to Scottish produce and our farmers, which reflects our dedication to providing customers with top-quality, locally sourced goods.”