SCOTTISH teachers and academics have accused Israel of “educide” as they called on colleagues “to speak out against Israel’s systematic targeting of education infrastructure in Palestine”.

Calling themselves Educators for Peace, the group have made a YouTube video charging Israel of “killing learning” by bombing schools and universities and killing pupils and teachers.

In the video, a number of Scottish educators read from a shared script outlining accusations of Israeli attacks including three instances of people being killed by strikes on schools.

The group said: “A new international crime – educide, the killing of learning – is being committed against Palestinians by Israel in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, causing generational damage to Palestinian society.

“Since November 6, 2023 no child in Gaza has been able to attend school because of Israel’s indiscriminate bombing of the territory.

“More than 625,000 students are out of school. At least 346 schools in the Gaza Strip have been destroyed or damaged, 90% of Palestinian Authority schools have been subject to direct or indirect damage. 29% of school buildings are out of service after being demolished or severely damaged. 133 schools are being used as shelters for internally displaced Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

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“These schools are sheltering far more than their capacity as 1.9m people have been displaced. Israel has attacked multiple Unrwa schools that are serving as shelters at the moment.

“In November 23, Israeli forces attacked the Unrwa-run Al-Fakhoora school, killing at least 15 people. A week after that, at least 25 people were killed in Al-Buraq School and in December 2023, several were killed in Shadia Abu Ghazala school."

The group said thousands of students had been killed and injured by Israel, as well as hundreds of teachers and administrators.

It also accused Israel of crippling Palestinian academia with strikes on lecturers and universities.

“Centres of higher education have also been targeted,” it added.

“Israel has systemically destroyed every university in Gaza: the Islamic University, Al-Azhar University and Israa University have been demolished by Israeli forces. The Israeli army has targeted and killed 94 university professors.

“The targeted academics studied and taught across a variety of disciplines and many of their ideas served as a cornerstone of academic research in the Gaza Strip’s universities. Before the war, Palestine had one of the highest literacy rates in the world.”

The video ends with a rallying call to others in the profession in Scotland: “We call on all our fellow educators in schools, colleges and universities across Scotland to speak out against Israel’s systematic targeting of education infrastructure in Palestine.”

It comes as Israel this week rejected Hamas's demands for a ceasefire

The Palestinian militants wanted hundreds of Palestinians imprisoned by Israel – including senior militants – to be released in exchange for the hostages they captured on October 7. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would fight on until "absolute victory", adding: "There is no other solution."