LABOUR are leading the SNP by a single point in Westminster voting intention in the second poll released in one day.

The Redfield and Wilton survey found 34% of Scots would back Labour compared to 33% who said they would back the SNP. The Tories polled at 18%, the LibDems 8%, Reform UK 4%, the Greens 2%, and Alba 1%.

The polling also suggested that No would win an independence referendum by four points. It found support for the Union at 47% compared to Yes on 43%.

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The news comes hours after a separate poll from Ipsos gave the SNP a seven-point lead over Labour in the General Election. The Tories were trailing 25 points behind the SNP.

If the Ipsos poll was repeated at a General Election, the SNP would win 40 Scottish seats, Labour 13, and the Tories two. The LibDems were also predicted to win two of Scotland’s 57 newly drawn constituencies.

The Ipsos poll also found a six-point lead for Yes, predicting independence would be backed by 53% of Scots, while 47% would back the Union.

Holyrood voting intention

The Redfield and Wilton poll gave the SNP a two-point lead over Labour in the Holyrood constituency vote. A total of 35% said they would back Humza Yousaf’s party, while 33% backed Anas Sarwar’s.

The poll found the two party leaders tied on 33% when asked who would be the better first minister. 

Yousaf’s approval rating was at -17%, which the polling firm said was “down eleven points from last month, and tying his lowest ever approval rating in our Scottish polling”.

Elsewhere in the Holyrood constituency, the poll put the Tories at 18%, the LibDems 8%, and the Greens 3%.

On polling for the Holyrood regional list, Labour led the SNP by two points (29% to 27%). The Tories were on 16%, while the LibDems and Greens were tied on 9%. Alba polled at 3% and Reform UK at 5%.

Elsewhere, the Redfield and Wilton polling found that 51% of Scots believe the Scottish Government handled the pandemic better than the UK one, while just 13% thought the opposite.

Around one-fifth (21%) of Scots said both governments had handled it equally.

Asked if they approved of former first minister Nicola Sturgeon’s handling of the pandemic, 45% said they did versus 30% who did not.

Redfield and Wilton surveyed 1000 Scots from February 3-4. Ipsos polled 1005 Scots adults from January 25-31.