STUDENT protesters are being threatened with eviction from a Scottish university building amid a now 15-day occupation.

Members of the Glasgow Against Arms and Fossil Fuels (GAAF) group took over Glasgow University's 11 University Gardens building on January 22 in protest at the institution's financial links with firms contributing to loss of life in Gaza.

Security staff entered the building on the morning of February 6 and confined occupiers to one room on the ground floor of the building.

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A member of the occupation told The National that the students have had no access to toilet facilities since security staff went inside.

During the entry to the building, one occupier was struck in the head by a door pushed by security staff, which a member of the occupation described as a "hard knock".

The occupation is aimed at causing Glasgow University to divest from the arms industry. It is one of several Russell Group universities with investments in the sector.

An email sent to all Glasgow University staff said the university had decided to lock the doors on the night of February 5, with the occupiers being permitted to exit the building but not re-enter.

The email continued to explain the rationale for the decision, reading: "The students had announced that they proposed to use the building for community events.

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"This meant that non-members of the University community could be allowed in, creating a potential health and safety risk."

In the afternoon of February 6, it is understood the university's deputy vice chancellor David Duncan will enter the building to negotiate with the occupying students.

A spokesperson for the occupation said: "We are disgusted that the university's actions imply that trauma and lives lost [in Gaza] are worse than lost time."

During a months-long 2011 building occupation of the neighbouring Hetherington House, several students were injured when Strathclyde Police was called on to remove students from the premises.

Glasgow University has been contacted for comment.