THE Metropolitan Police has issued a statement after one of its officers was accused of wearing an “anti-Israel” badge during a rally in London on Saturday.

Around 10,000 people marched through London on Saturday February 3 calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

During the rally, an image was widely shared on social media of an officer with a sticker on his uniform which some described as an “anti-Israel bade”.

Editor of the Jewish Chronicle Jake Wallis Simons shared the image with the caption: “This police officer was wearing an anti-Israel sticker at a march today.”

The National:

Meanwhile, the charity Campaign Against Antisemitism commented: “Contempt for the police amongst anti-Israel marchers has reached the point where slogans are being slapped on unwitting police officers.

“During yesterday’s anti-Israel march, a Metropolitan Police officer stood with a ‘Boycott Israeli Apartheid’ sticker on his arm.

“We asked the Met to investigate and they have confirmed that the sticker was placed on the officer by one of the marchers without the officer noticing.”

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In a statement issued by the Met Police, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Matt Ward said the officer and his colleagues had been spoken to about the badge.

He explained: “He confirmed the sticker was placed on him without his knowledge. A member of the public witnessed this and quickly removed it.

“The officer is shaken by the online commentary overnight and we are supporting him.

“I am always disappointed when officers undertaking their public duties are subject to such disrespectful behaviour, both in person and online.

“No further action will be taken.”

Thousands also took to the streets of Edinburgh on Saturday afternoon in support of an immediate ceasefire.

Carrying flags and placards, they marched from Edinburgh Castle down the Royal Mile to the Scottish Parliament and could be heard shouting slogans such as “no justice no peace” and “ceasefire now”.