The National:

VIEWERS of the BBC's Question Time broadcast from Glasgow noticed one thing: Kate Forbes was interrupted a lot more than anyone else.

But how many times was she talked over by host Fiona Bruce? More than all three of the Unionist panellists put together ... 

The scores on the doors: 

  • Kate Forbes: 11
  • Ian Murray: 5
  • Patrick Harvie: 3
  • Malcolm Offord: 3
  • Fraser Nelson: 0

Fiona Bruce did what she does best: cut off some panel members while leaving others to ramble on.

So, to ensure the pattern that viewers all know and love, Bruce set her sights on Forbes – resulting in a whopping 11 interruptions. The score towers above the other panellists.

At one point, the former finance secretary asked if she “could just get to the point here” and Bruce proceeded to interrupt her for the fourth time. Oh, and the show had only been running for four minutes.

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Forbes was interrupted by Bruce when talking about the Covid inquiry, her WhatsApps, her role as finance secretary, public services, everything really.

In fact, her only contribution to the evening of debate that was not interrupted was when she spoke on how the genocide in Gaza is affecting women and girls.

Labour's Murray was grilled on his stance over Gaza and whether he agreed with Keir Starmer or Anas Sarwar – that was the majority of the times he was interrupted (4/5).

After not getting a straight answer from the Labour MP – who argued that his stance and Labour’s was clear – Bruce asked the audience if it was clear to them which received a resounding “no”.

Offord also asked Forbes a question and, as she answered, Bruce interrupted her.

It seemed that whenever Forbes' voice was heard, multiple voices deemed it was suitable for them to simply talk over and give their two cents.

Harvie later pushed through "Lord" Offord's ramblings to make the point on tax – in face of the Tory's misinformation – that only the highest earning Scots pay more tax than they would in England.

But Bruce didn’t want to allow him to continue, stating: “Let’s hear what the audience think of that."

The National:

Out of the five in the audience who spoke on the issue, four supported higher taxation to ensure free public services continue, including a man who does pay more.

Viewers were quick to point out the “blatant contrast” with one writing: “Kate Forbes is trying ably to get her points across on #bbcqt – clearly and coherently. Despite constantly being interrupted by Fiona Bruce.

"Such a very blatant contrast to her demeanour towards other panel members. Shockingly biased.”

Nelson also was allowed to ask Forbes a question, and interrupted her several times, but Bruce did not cut him off, not even once.

One viewer said: “Contrast the length of time @FraserNelson is given to launch his attack on @ScotGov, completely unchallenged, against the haste with which Fiona Bruce interrupted Kate Forbes."

Another wrote: “Funny but not surprising that Fiona Bruce interrupted Kate Forbes but let bloke from Spectator have no interruptions. Mmm, who's politicising the Covid inquiry and stopping us from getting to the facts?”

And finally: “Anyone who thinks Fiona Bruce is a neutral chair – I would suggest you look at how many times she intervened, interrupted whatever you want to call it Kate Forbes and Patrick Harvie in contrast to the other panellists."