THE Highland Wildlife Park has issued a new update on an escaped Japanese macaque as the search for the animal continues.

On Sunday, the monkey found a way out of its enclosure at the Highland Wildlife Park near Kingussie.

Despite reports from residents in the nearby village of Kincraig that the monkey had been seen eating nuts and birdfeed in their garden, the animal remains on the loose.

The latest update from Highland Wildlife Park, posted to Twitter/X on Wednesday morning said: “We were able to follow the macaque for 45 minutes yesterday using drones. Unfortunately, he wasn’t in a position where we were confident we could bring him in safely but he is making his way closer to the park.

“Our team will be out again today but given the high winds we won’t be able to fly the drones but will be using thermal imaging cameras.

“We’re continuing to ask locals to please bring any obvious potential food sources like bird feeders or food waste inside.”

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The park also issued further advice on the macaque and whether or not it posed a threat.

“Although the macaque is not presumed dangerous to humans or pets, our advice is to not approach him but to contact our hotline on 07933 928377 with any sightings.”