A MAJORITY of Scots back Holyrood having the powers to negotiate and legislate for independence, according to a new poll.

The survey, carried out by FindOutNow on behalf of the Alba Party, found nearly six in 10 Scots – 57.5% – agree or strongly agree with the proposal, excluding don’t knows.

Around a third said they did not back the idea, with 10.8% saying they disagreed and 22% saying they strongly disagreed.

The poll comes ahead of a consultation closing on Thursday on a proposal that Scots should be asked whether Holyrood should have the power to trigger independence talks.

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Alba MSP Ash Regan is looking to get a draft member’s bill proposed to the Scottish Parliament on plans to hold a vote on the 10th anniversary of indyref1 – September 18, 2024.

She has written to all MSPs asking them to support her proposal to hold a referendum but to date none have publicly backed her calls.

However earlier this month she said a minister in the Scottish Government and two SNP MSPs support the plan.

The National:

Commenting on the survey results Regan, who is Alba’s Holyrood leader, said: “Scotland’s future should be in Scotland’s hands. Holding a referendum on whether or not the Scottish Parliament should have the powers to negotiate for and legislate for independence will allow us to unblock the constitutional logjam we’ve had in front of us for many years.

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“It is clear that an overwhelming majority of the Scottish public would back the Parliament having these powers so I would be confident we would secure a Yes vote in a referendum.

“We know that Westminster will continue to say ‘no’ to agreeing to a referendum so it’s time to stop relying on the UK Government to progress the case for independence, we must use our own parliament to take Scotland forward to independence.”

She added: “Humza Yousaf and the Scottish Government should now embrace the proposal to hold a referendum on the powers of the parliament.

“I have set the plan out for them, showed them that it has the backing of the people of Scotland, and they should now help deliver the referendum by giving it their backing.”