A TORY peer who made a “dangerously stupid” claim that rising temperatures could benefit the UK is to be appointed to a key parliamentary committee on the climate crisis, it has emerged.

David Frost, who was Boris Johnson’s Brexit negotiator, was criticised for the comments last year, which were made as wildfires raged across Europe.

He will be appointed at the end of the month to the House of Lords select committee on environment and climate change, The Guardian has reported, which is carrying out inquiries into key issues such as electric vehicles.

The peer is also a trustee of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, a think tank which has lobbied against climate change policies and produced papers that claim the climate emergency is not happening.

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Last year a clip surfaced online with Frost talking about what the potential consequences of climate change could be.

He said: “At the moment, seven times as many people die from cold as heat in Britain. Rising temperatures are likely to be beneficial.

“The Government Actuary Department no less wrote in April this year and I quote ‘it is the low winter temperatures that have a greater effect on the number of deaths’.”

He continued to say that rising temperatures were “perfectly manageable”.

The comments were criticised by then SNP president Michael Russell, who said: “Utter idiocy but also dangerously stupid in that he demonstrates not a smidgen of knowledge about what climate change actually is.”

Ed Miliband, the shadow secretary of state of climate change and net zero, said Frost’s appointment demonstrated Prime Minister Rishi Sunak "weakness" in trying to keep those seeking to oust him onside.

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“Rishi Sunak is so weak that he has allowed this key position to go to someone who thinks the climate crisis is a good thing,” he said.

“The truth is that wacky, fringe views on climate are no longer resigned to the extreme wing of the Conservative party – they are now the official position of Rishi Sunak’s flailing government.

“By trying to keep happy those in his own party who want to oust him, Sunak is putting party above country. The result is a disastrous energy policy that will leave Britain with high energy bills, energy insecurity, and Britain left lagging behind other countries.”