MUNA and Mutaz live in Al Mawasi, one of the shrinking areas of Gaza that Israel has designated as a “safe zone” with promised aid.

But there is none. In the latest from our Diaries from Gaza series, a tearful Muna (below) speaks about the horrible living conditions.

“We have no food, beds or blankets. We are left with nothing, we have no support from anyone,” she said – set against the backdrop of the basic tents she and 50 of her family members call home.

“We were dumped in this place and abandoned.”

With no clean water, the mother explained that they are now resorting to dirty salty water and that her daughters are all sick with diarrhoea and vomiting.

The inside of the family’s tent, meanwhile, is sparse.

She added, breaking down in tears: “We cannot tolerate the current situation and live with it. This is our everyday situation. Always tired – we have nothing.

“All night, rockets fly overhead. We spend the night in fear.”

Muna then walked out of the tent, and past several of her children. “Lord help us because nobody cares about us,” she said.

Mutaz (below), meanwhile, showed two small bags of mouldy, stale and burnt bread.

“Bread is a precious commodity. Therefore, I saved these ruined pieces for emergencies. It is all inedible,” he explained.

“I am keeping them for a crisis, for a child, for any kind of emergency.”

He added: “It is harmful, you can see the mould. I didn’t throw it away because might need to eat it."

Holding up a small piece of mouldy and burnt bread, Mutaz added: “We want peace, we don’t want to wait for this piece [of bread] to save us.

“Must we feed it to a child dying of hunger?”