THE Tories have hit a low in the polling not seen since Liz Truss’s final days in power.

A new survey from YouGov predicted Rishi Sunak’s party would win just 20% of the vote.

Keir Starmer’s Labour polled at 47%, a 27-point lead. YouGov said it was the largest lead for the party since Truss’s short-lived time in power.

Contributing to the Tories’ woes may be a high polling score for Reform, which was predicted to win some 12% of the vote. This was the highest YouGov had ever found for the party.

Fewer than half (49%) of 2019 Tory voters told YouGov they intend to vote for the party.

The LibDems polled at 8% and the Greens on 7%. The SNP polled at 3%, but not much can be inferred from the UK-wide poll.

Byline Times political reporter Adam Bienkov said that if the results of the poll were replicated at a General Election, the Conservatives would lose all but 41 seats.

He added: “MPs facing the axe include Liz Truss, Suella Braverman, Jacob Rees-Mogg and ... Rishi Sunak.”

The YouGov survey polled 2092 British adults from January 16-17.

It also found that a huge majority (71%) of people said they do not trust Sunak much or at all. A total of 26% said the opposite.

For Starmer, 61% of people said they do not trust him much or at all, while 26% said the opposite.

The National: Nigel Farage has come third on I’m A Celebrity… (Ian West/PA)

Both of the UK’s main party leaders scored worse than Nigel Farage (above). A total of 59% said they did not trust him much or at all, while 28% said they did.

Farage's Reform UK is led in name by Richard Tice. The majority of British voters (54%) said they did not know about Tice.

Voters were also asked what could happen to make them want to vote Conservative at the next General Election. While 40% said they would not do so, 27% said they may if NHS waiting lists were reduced.

Further, 22% said they might vote Tory if migrants coming over the Channel in small boats were stopped, while 21% said they might do so if the state of the economy improves.