SCOTS actor Brian Cox has joined with more than 250 billionaires and millionaires to demand wealth taxes are introduced to help pay for public services around the world.

The Succession star was a signatory of an open letter to world leaders meeting for the World Economic Forum in Davos, which said: “Our request is simple: we ask you to tax us, the very richest in society.

“This will not fundamentally alter our standard of living, nor deprive our children, nor harm our nations’ economic growth. But it will turn extreme and unproductive private wealth into an investment for our common democratic future.” 

The signatories come from 17 countries and also include screenwriter and actor Simon Pegg and Disney heir Abigail Disney.

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The letter, entitled Proud to Pay, went on: “We are also the people who benefit most from the status quo.

“But inequality has reached a tipping point, and its cost to our economic, societal and ecological stability risk is severe – and growing every day. In short, we need action now.”

They will attempt to deliver the letter to world leaders gathered in Switzerland on Wednesday. 

Cox said: “We are living in a second ‘Gilded Age’.

“Billionaires are wielding their extreme wealth to accumulate political power and influence, simultaneously undermining democracy and the global economy. It’s long past time to act.  

“If our elected officials refuse to address this concentration of money and power, the consequences will be dire.”

A new poll of the super-rich conducted by Survation shows that 74% support higher taxes on wealth to help address the cost of living crisis and improve public services. 

It polled more than 2300 respondents from G20 countries who hold more than $1m (€920,000) in investable assets, excluding their homes — putting them in the richest 5%.