DEPUTY First Minister Shona Robison has said housing will be the Scottish Government's "number one priority" if extra funding becomes available.

Housing saw a cut of over £200 million in last month's Budget, which was crafted in the face of a £1.5 billion black hole caused by inflation, a drop in the size of the UK Government block grant, and increased spending commitments.

Appearing before the Finance and Public Administration Committee at Holyrood on Tuesday, Robison assured MSPs that any increase in capital funding as a result of the UK Government’s spring budget would benefit housing in Scotland.

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“These decisions are not easy, it would be fair to say this is one of the most difficult decisions,” she said.

“I would also say that if the capital availability of funding changes, it would certainly be the key priority for additional capital availability should that position change over the coming weeks and months.”

She later said it would be the “number one priority” if extra cash became available.

The Scottish Government has set a target of building 110,000 new affordable homes by 2032.

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Addressing the target, Robison told MSPs: “It’s fair to say that the profiling of the target will need to change.

“It’s never a straight road on a target, there are always bumps or peaks and troughs of delivery, and it’s fair to say that I think we’d be looking at back end peaks while we have a very difficult outlook at the moment with capital.

“That might change, but at the moment that’s the outlook in terms of our capital budget reduction.

“We have to look at alternatives, we can’t rely on public capital.”

The Deputy First Minister also reiterated that the Scottish Government will attempt to “lever in” private sector investment into the housing sector to boost building projects.