A SENIOR Tory minister said he did not want to “rely on polls” after newly released data suggested the Tories were on course for an electoral wipeout at the next election.

Grant Shapps, who was among a number of senior Tories predicted to lose their seat at the next General Election in a new poll, was discussing the latest YouGov findings during his morning media round.

The Defence Secretary currently serves as the MP for Welwyn Hatfield – a constituency he won with a majority of around 11,000 at the 2019 General Election.

However, the latest YouGov poll predicted he would lose his seat to Labour, which was put to him by Sky News presenter Kay Burley.

“Well, look, I always consider my seat to be a marginal fight and I always fight it very hard,” he said.

“It should be pointed out that survey wasn’t actually carried out in my seat, it’s an extrapolation.”

Burley interjected at this point to add: “That’s how polls work.”

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Shapps then added that he had got a “great response” from people in his constituency while he was “on the doors”.

He continued: “What people actually recognise, both working at a constituency level, but in the country as a whole, is that we’re working to a plan.

“You mentioned the five points, I won’t repeat them either but things like reducing inflation is really working now.

“And things like reducing people’s taxes where growing the economy, people are going to see £450 on average for the average person on the average salary in their pay packet from this month onwards.”

The National: Grant Shapps

Shapps (above) said there was “not an election tomorrow” and hit out at Labour leader Keir Starmer for “not having a plan”.

“That is why I think that we’ll wait until the election rather than relying on polls for these things,” he added.