CAMPAIGNERS have delivered court documents which contain allegations that paedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein filmed sex tapes of Prince Andrew to Sandringham Estate.

Activists from anti-monarchy campaign group Republic dropped off the documents to King Charles’s residence in Norfolk on Friday after what they described as “concerning” silence from the monarch over the allegations.

A recent poll commissioned by Republic found that a large majority of the general public want the Metropolitan Police to investigate Prince Andrew in relation to accusations of sexual abuse.

Arriving at the gates of the royal household at around 4pm, Republic CEO Graham Smith read out a passage from the documents which describes Prince Andrew’s alleged offences – including the sexual abuse of underage girls at Epstein’s island home.

He also delivered a letter which read: “It is with increasing concern that, as head of state, you have so far failed to comment publicly on the litany of very serious allegations made against your brother, Prince Andrew."

The National: The court documents contain allegations of sexual abuse made against Prince Andrew The court documents contain allegations of sexual abuse made against Prince Andrew (Image: Republic)

"The British public are clearly concerned about these accusations, with 3 in 4 believing the Metropolitan Police should investigate them thoroughly.

“Half the population believe you should personally make a statement to address these allegations.

“I would like to ask you to make such a statement in front of the cameras and to an audience of journalists, and to take questions."

The letter asks four questions of the King:

  • 1) When did you first know about the details of the accusations against Andrew?
  • 2) When you found out the details why did you not ensure that Andrew cooperated fully with law enforcement, and why did you not strip him of his remaining titles?
  • 3) Why have you remained silent on this issue until now? It’s been suggested you will not comment because Andrew is no longer a ‘working royal’, yet the accusations relate to a time when he was.
  • 4) Do you understand the damaging message your silence sends to victims of sexual abuse and to powerful men who abuse women and girls?

Speaking later on Friday, Smith said: “Charles isn't simply Andrew's brother, he's the head of state.

“If he can't serve the interests of the country because he wants to protect his brother he should resign."

"Andrew is accused of a number of serious offences, including sexual abuse of underage girls in an orgy. We have challenged the police to investigate, now we're challenging Charles to speak up."

"This scandal isn't just about Andrew, it's about the royal family and the monarchy. It's about powerful people thinking they can get away with whatever they want, that the rules don't apply to them."

"This is why the scandal is causing so much damage to the monarchy, because it goes to the heart of questions of fairness, equality and justice."

"It's time Charles speaks up, publicly and in front of journalists."