WESTMINSTER catering chiefs are in the firing line after promoting Scottish food as “regional” fare.

Canteens in the UK Parliament are serving Scottish food such as Forfar bridies – but have infuriated Scots working in the building with the accompanying promotional material.

Adverts around the estate invite people working in Parliament to experience “regional” Scottish food for the month of January.

But the Parliament has come in for criticism for failing to recognise Scotland’s status as a nation.

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The UK is frequently referred to as the “four nations”, encompassing Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The National:

Steven Bonnar, one of the SNP’s spokespeople for the Department for Environment, Farming, Agriculture and Rural Affairs, also hit out at the adverts featuring a Union flag instead of a Saltire.

He told The National: “Yet again the Houses of Parliament can’t stomach promoting Scotland properly, again we are reduced to merely a region of greater England.

“Not even much as a Saltire adorns on our produce, as long as the tax returns of our exquisite produce such as whisky and salmon continue to flow south, that's all this place cares about.”

It is understood the error is being rectified by House staff. 

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Scottish products such as Tunnock's Caramel Wafers and Irn-Bru are on sale in Parliament's canteens all year round. 

A House of Commons spokesperson said: "We prioritise the use of independent food and drink suppliers throughout our venues, and our popular national and regional showcases celebrate and promote cuisine from across the UK, and are supported by members from across the House.”