SUPPORT for the monarchy has fallen below 50% for the first time, according to a new poll.

Campaign group Republic commissioned a poll by Savanta on the royal family under the reign of King Charles, who was officially crowned last year.

It found that the monarchy is rapidly losing support, with fewer than half in all age groups under the age of 55 preferring the royals to an elected head of state.

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When asked if they would prefer the monarchy or an elected head of state – just 48% said they would prefer the royals.

Meanwhile a third (32%) said they would like an elected head of state, with a large swathe of "don't knows".

Republic CEO Graham Smith said the results showed the UK desperately needed to discuss the future of the royal family and the country's head of state, particularly in light of Prince Andrew recently being mentioned in the Epstein files. 

"This is huge. Royalists have spent years saying the monarchy has the support of the country - that's clearly no longer the case," Smith said. 

The National:

"The monarchy is suffering a calamitous loss of support, yet one in five aren't yet sure about the alternative.

"We desperately need a better informed, more robust and higher profile debate about what it means to abolish the monarchy."

Smith (above) added that the same poll carried out in November last year showed that 52% of the public supported the monarchy.

"In just six weeks they've dropped four points," he added. 

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"The monarchy relies on a fake mandate built on polling numbers, yet that argument no longer stands up."

"Andrew has clearly done significant damage to the monarchy, but Charles is the one responsible.

"He has been behind decisions on how to mismanage the scandal, and how to respond to Harry and Meghan. This is the result."

"The monarchy is on borrowed time. Britain will be a republic."

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Savanta interviewed 2281 UK adults aged 18 and above online between January 5 and 8 2024.

The poll also found that in Scotland 41% supported the monarchy, 41% believed there should be an elected head of state and 18% said they "don't know".

Alba general secretary Chris McEleny said the poll results would be "no surprise" to Scots.

“In keeping with Scottish constitutional tradition Alba Party adhere to the principle that it is the people that are sovereign," he said.

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"Our position is that Scotland should now move to an elected head of state with similar powers to the Uachtarán na hÉireann. It is now time for an independent republic of Scotland. 

“Alba firmly stands for Scotland and our priority is to ensure the people of Scotland have the freedom to make this choice soon, as an independent country.

“At a time that we are faced with millions of our people in Scotland facing fuel poverty, when we are an energy rich land, the very thought of a King sitting wearing a crown telling the people to eat cake is absurd. The institution of monarchy could not be further detached from the reality of everyday life for the people of Scotland..” 

It comes as reports of Prince Andrew's involvement with paedophile financier and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein have hit headlines again after the Duke of York was named in court documents published online.

Andrew reportedly locked himself in a room as the fallout grew, while a petition to strip him of his title of the Earl of Inverness hit a key milestone.