SCOTS comic Kevin Bridges has teased a new project in a New Year post.

The Clydebank star took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to share a Hogmanay message with his fans and also to update them on "something cool" coming.

He said: "Happy 2024 there folks.

"Off for a break and then I’ll be back with something cool.

"See you aboot."

On Instagram, he shared a similar post, saying: "Happy 2024!!

"Off to keep the heed doon for a bit then once I've hit the lab with a pen and a pad I will be back with something cool.

"Take care, folks. Hasta pronto."


Last month, the comedian shared a picture with Noel Gallagher following the Britpop legend's Glasgow show, captioning it "We're all part of a Masterplan" in reference to the Oasis song.