EDINBURGH has been named as the city most Londoners would like to relocate to, according to a new study.

The study by estate agent comparison site GetAgent used Google Keyword Planner to investigate the search volume of property-related terms for 582 different towns and cities across the UK.

Search data for London for 12 months up to November 2023 was used in order to reveal where people living there are thinking about moving.

Research revealed the Scottish capital is the number one city that Londoners are researching a move to, with almost 8700 searches per month for property-related terms such as “houses for sale in Edinburgh”.

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Scotland seems to be piquing the interest of relocating Londoners more than anywhere else, with third place taken by Glasgow.

It pulled in 4790 searches per month from people from London looking for properties for sale in the city.

Other cities in the top 15 included Birmingham in second place as well as Manchester in fifth and Sheffield in eighth.

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Co-founder and chief executive of GetAgent Colby Short said: “The pandemic encouraged many people to move out of the nation’s capital, as its residents sought to save money on living costs, increase their access to green surroundings or even just give themselves a chance to try somewhere new.

“This trend hasn’t dampened however, and with more Londoners continuing to migrate away from the capital we were interested to find out which destinations are drawing them in.

“With so many stunning locations around the UK, it’s an exciting process to find your dream town or city, but finding the right place to settle down is important and involves considering crucial factors like transportation, community, culture and affordability.

“If you’re planning a move, make sure you rank how important each of these factors are for you and be sure to find out how much your home is worth so you can explore all of your options.”