MEMBERS of the Yes movement have been contributing to calls for a ceasefire in Palestine through works of art.

Yes Stones and Yes Slates, sister groups online that share art on rocks and slate encouraging people to support independence for Scotland, have lately been using the medium to call for peace in Palestine.

More than 9000 members shared photographs of “stones, pebbles and slate” to “plant” across Scotland – "and indeed the world” - and have raised money for food banks at independence marches.

Stones and slates are not priced and all money raised has been from donations.

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Members Carol Thomson, Morag Thwort, Moe Mac and Beth Straker are a few that have shared work calling for peace in Palestine through online forums.

Thwort, from Oban, shared a painted slate (below) of Father Christmas holding a lit-up peace sign in a snowy scene.

The National:

She wrote: “All wars are abhorrent,” while other members commented they had stopped watching news coming from Gaza as it is “unbearable”.

Another wrote: “So beautifully simple yet so difficult to achieve.”

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Thomson, convener of Yes Pollok, shared a slate (below) she created which shows a man walking hand-in-hand with two children.

The National:

The man wears a Scottish flag and holds the hands of two young boys representing Israel and Palestine.

Thomson told The National: “I just couldn’t watch children being bombed and say nothing. I just have a wish for peace.”

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She said she couldn’t speak for the rest of the group but added: “Palestine just felt really close with Humza’s family involved and his mother-in-law's words struck a chord with me. Where is the humanity?

“Bairns not bombs is what I think for Palestine and Scotland.”

The National:

She also shared a slate (above) of a man with a Scottish peace sign holding a Palestinian flag, inspired by Celtic and Medieval art.

Mac also shared his creations this week (below), writing: “My wish for 2024 is independence for Scotland, a united Ireland and a free Palestine.”

The National:

Straker sent members hand-painted peace medallions (below) to share at pro-Palestine marches in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The National:

One of the founders of Yes Stones, Alison Rollo, said: “A lot of us in the Yes stones group firmly stand with the Palestinians and are absolutely appalled at what Israel is doing in Gaza. So of course, it feels absolutely right to use our stones to get the message out there.

“Anything we can do to persuade the politicians to declare a ceasefire is worth doing.”.