AUTHOR and journalist Douglas Murray has sparked backlash following a post he made on Twitter/X in which he said he didn’t think he would ever "sit through a missile attack” with comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

Murray is the author of a number of books and has worked as the associate editor of The Spectator since 2012.

Murray previously attracted criticism after he labelled Humza Yousaf the “First Minister of Gaza” and described his wife Nadia El-Nakla as a “nasty piece of work”.

He also accused Yousaf of having “infiltrated” Scotland’s political system.

Since the beginning of Israel's bombardment of Gaza, the writer has made a number of other remarks which have led to criticism.

In an article for The Sun, he spoke of “demos where people openly sympathise with the terrorists of Hamas and all those who want to destroy the Jewish state”.

The National:

He also claimed pro-Palestine demonstrations “have been full of young Muslims calling for Jihad”.

In a post on Twitter/X on Thursday night, he said: “Never thought I’d sit through a missile attack in Tel Aviv with this great man…”

The image showed Murray smiling alongside Seinfeld – who had been in Israel to meet with hostages who had been freed by Hamas.

Many social media users criticised Murray for the image, with several questioning why the pair were smiling.

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“Glad to see you are both able to pose while the civilian Palestinians die in their thousands,” one Twitter/X user commented.

“He seems almost giddy to be sitting through a missile attack,” said another while a third added: “Wow. Just wow.”

Somebody else commented that it was “surreal” looking at the image while others questioned why they were taking pictures like this given the situation.

It comes as health officials in the Gaza Strip have said that more than 20,000 Palestinians have been killed.