PLANS for nearly 100 new housing units on a Scottish island have been recommended for approval by council planning officers.

The proposal for the 97 units on the Isle of Mull has been put forward by TSL Contractors and will be considered by councillors at a meeting next week.

The detailed planning application, which relates to land northwest of the Isle of Mull Hotel at Craignure,  has attracted only one response from the public – a representation, neither positive nor negative, from Oban Access Panel.

The plans, which also include a commercial unit on the site, will be considered by Argyll and Bute Council’s planning, protective services and licensing committee at its meeting on Wednesday, December 20.

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A planning officer said in a handling report: “The proposal seeks to develop an allocated housing site within LDP2 (Local Development Plan 2) to provide 97 dwellings of varying sizes.

“The site is located in rural area, with the housing allocation playing a pivotal role in meeting the housing needs of the Island.

“The examination by Scottish Government reporters to the Argyll and Bute Local Development Plan 2 has now concluded and the examination report has been published. LDP2 is very close to adoption.

“The deposit period for the intention to adopt commenced on October 23 with the plan likely to be adopted in the near future.

“The identified relevant policies and housing allocations of PLDP2 represent a material consideration that indicate that the application should be determined otherwise than in accordance with the adopted development plan.

“The principle of development is acceptable having regard to the allocation of the land for residential development in LDP2.

“The proposal will provide an appropriate layout and design for this site. Taking account of the above it is recommended that planning permission be approved.”