SUELLA Braverman has been pranked by Channel 4’s Last Leg team to be awarded D*ck of the Year whilst she launched a small boat.

The Last Leg, running since 2012, looks at political and other events in the news that week and since 2014, it has presented a mock prize to the "dick of the year".

On Friday’s episode they revealed the winner for 2023 in a segment created by YouTubers Josh Pieters and Archie Manners. Braverman agreed to attend after receiving an invitation by a fake company for, what she believed to be, an event in her constituency to launch a small boat.

The pair personally awarded Braverman with the prize after she launched the boat, with a sign revealing she had won the annual prize.

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Nominees are suggested by viewers on social media, as well as by the hosts. The winner is voted on by the viewers using the hashtag #dickoftheyear.

Previous winners include Vladimir Putin, Katie Hopkins, Jeremy Hunt, Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Dominic Cummings, and Matt Hancock.

This year, Bravermen took first place, followed by Premier League chief executive Richard Masters and billionare investor Elon Musk.

At Fareham Marina as Braverman stood by a red ribbon, Pieters portraying himself as a captain, said they all welcomed the “much-missed home secretary” while Manners told those gathered: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the launch of the Betty Warren. We’re really proud to have Suella Braverman here to launch her.”

Braverman, smiling, said: “John, Fareham Fishing, it’s a real honour to be here and to join your fantastic team to pay tribute to all of you for your confidence in Fareham. Good luck to the Betty Warren – my honour to launch her.”

Once Braverman cut the red ribbon, a poster behind her fell to reveal the Last Leg’s "Dick of the Year” poster.

The two presenters left the marina promptly as the former home secretary said to her team: “I’m not sure what that is all about”.

She later says: “It’s been a big spoof. That’s going to go viral now.”