SCOTTISH Labour’s Monica Lennon has submitted a motion in the Scottish Parliament calling on MSPs to congratulate Taylor Swift.

It comes after the US superstar was named Time Magazine's person of the year for 2023.

The MSP for Central Scotland announced the motion on X/Twitter.

The reaction to the news was mixed, with several social media users calling the motion “iconic” while another slammed it as “performative politics”.

“We love a Swiftie Queen. It’s such a red flag if any MSP doesn’t support this motion,” said Ollie Probert-Hill, a Labour trade unionist.

James O’Neill, meanwhile, disagreed: “On the day that Devolution is at its lowest since we started, while people cannot feed their families, cannot afford Christmas, this is performative politics at its worst, I applaud TS for all she has achieved, but it doesn't need to be a motion like this, it just doesn't.”

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The full motion reads: “That the Parliament congratulates Taylor Swift on being named Time magazine’s Person of the Year for 2023; notes that Time’s editor-in-chief, Sam Jacobs, explained that the magazine "picked a choice that represents joy" and "Someone who is bringing light to the world"; acknowledges that the singer-songwriter has spoken with pride about her Scottish roots, and welcomes the music star bringing joy to thousands of "Swifties" in Scotland when she performs The Eras Tour at Murrayfield Stadium in June 2024.”

So far, it has been supported by the SNP’s Colin Beattie and Bill Kidd, the Scottish Conservatives’ Miles Briggs and Alexander Stewart, Alba’s Ash Regan and Scottish Labour’s Paul Sweeney.