The National:

NOT content with dividing the party over a reheated Rwanda policy, it seems the Conservatives have resorted to puerile social media posts as a fresh way of causing disagreement.

On Thursday afternoon the official Conservative Party X/Twitter account posted a picture of BBC News presenter Maryam Moshiri, who earlier in the day had been caught sticking up the middle finger on camera.

Moshiri later apologised for the gaffe. However, the Tories utilised the picture to take a bizarre dig at the Labour Party.

The caption read: “Labour when you ask for their plans to tackle illegal migration”

However, many Tories immediately took issue with the tweet.

Alicia Kearns, the Tory MP for Rutland and Melton, called for it to be taken down.

“Amazed this has not – despite requests – been taken down, it is beneath us,” she said.

Tory MPs Tobias Ellwood and Fay Jones also called on the post to be deleted.

However, as usual, Jonathan Gullis could be relied upon to endorse even the most unhinged behaviour in his own party.

He said: “I approve this message”.

Comedian Danny Wallace said the tweet highlighted the changes that occurred within the party.

“When I was a kid, Tory voters were seen as pompous, selfish and greedy. But not childish and dumb.

"Having turned so many previous voters away, the @Conservatives are reduced to this: focusing on the leftover dregs.

“Appealing only to the mean and the stupid.”