BORIS Johnson was greeted by boos as he left his first day of giving evidence at the UK Covid-19 Inquiry. 

During the course of the proceedings the former prime minister apologised to the family members of those lost to the virus. 

However,  lead solicitor for the Scottish Covid Bereaved Group, Aamer Anwar, said many of the bereaved would not accept his apology. 

Indeed, as he left the evidence giving session he was greeted by the boos of protesters outside Dorland House in London. 

Earlier in the day Johnson also laid blame at the feet of devolved administrations for the mistakes made during the pandemic. 

“We were relying so much on messaging to help contain the virus and we needed the public to understand the message in as straightforward a way as possible, and they really did, by and large,” he said.

But, because of the “very natural and proper right of the devolved administrations to have their own approach”, sometimes there would be “one message from Number 10, then a slightly different one from Scotland or wherever”.