SUELLA Braverman is reportedly set to deliver a rare resignation statement in the Commons, calling into question the Prime Minister's leadership. 

It comes after she fired a series of broadsides at Rishi Sunak over his record on immigration after he sacked her as home secretary. 

Braverman (below) has been deeply critical of Sunak's leadership since leaving the Government and will voice her concerns in a statement to MPs on Wednesday afternoon, GB News reports. 

The National:

The broadcaster said she attended a meeting of Tory rebels on Tuesday evening to discuss the government's refreshed deal with Rwanda which seeks to revive the plan to deport asylum seekers there.

Sunak sacked Braverman after she generated a series of negative headlines for the Government, including insisting that homeless people sleeping in tents were making a "lifestyle choice". 

Her critics also accused her of inflaming tensions around Remembrance Sunday and of picking a fight with the Metropolitan Police. 

On her resignation, she delivered a stinging letter to the Prime Minister in which  she said: "Someone needs to be honest: your plan is not working, we have endured record election defeats, your resets have failed and we are running out of time.

“You need to change course urgently.”

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Claiming the UK faced a "threat of radicalisation and extremism in a way not seen for 20 years," she said Sunak's response was "uncertain, weak, and lacking in the qualities of leadership that this country needs". 

There is mounting anger on the right of the Conservative Party on the issue of immigration.

New figures from earlier this year showed net migration to the UK had reached record highs and the Government was also dealt a blow when the Supreme Court struck down its Rwanda plan as unlawful

James Cleverly, Braverman's replacement as Home Secretary, signed a new treaty with Rwanda on Tuesday, in the first part of a plan to circumvent the court's ruling.