A PETITION concerning the imminent closure of a Bank of Scotland branch in Argyll with more than 1700 signatures has been delivered to bank staff.

A large crowd of local residents delivered the document to bank staff at the Dunoon branch on Friday, December 1, to challenge its scheduled closure. 

The Dunoon branch will close its doors for the last time on Tuesday, December 5.

Local shopkeeper Dinah MacDonald told press of the concerns residents feel, including "folk feeling this is the last straw when it comes to the loss of vital services in the area".

She explained: "We’d been refused permission by the bank to deliver the petition to their headquarters in Edinburgh so delivered it to the local branch instead with superb support from local residents and elected officials.

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"The petition has been signed in person by over 1700 folk. Many have written, phoned and emailed the bank and all have received the same standard letter back. All the signatures are from folk who have very real concerns about the loss.

MacDonald added: "The bank refused to take into account the effect an unreliable ferry has on the ability of the elderly and otherwise vulnerable to reach the next branch in Greenock.

"The bank claims it is underused yet on many days the queue stretches out of the door and there is always a queue before the bank opens each morning.

The National:

"Many have written to the financial services ombudsman - all to no avail. We are told that our complaint is not valid."

The letter has been signed by local MP Brendan O'Hara and MSP Jennie Minto.

The Argyll and Bute MP , who attended the petition delivery said: “The Bank of Scotland’s decision to close this branch is absolutely indefensible. This is corporate greed at its worst.

“You can see the strength of opposition there is to this in the community. I will continue to press in Parliament for a change in this ridiculous decimation of our banking services in Argyll and Bute.”