LIZ Truss is set to put forward a US right-wing style draft law seeking to ban transgender women from female bathrooms. 

The former Tory prime minister, who only spent 49 days in office and crashed the UK economy, was among 20 MPs who have been selected to put forward a Private Member’s Bill in the House of Commons.

This is separate from the UK Government's agenda, and allows for MPs of any political party to bring forward proposals.

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Earlier this year, SNP MP Stuart McDonald topped the ballot and was able to introduce legislation guaranteeing paid leave for parents of premature babies. 

According to aides, Truss will use the opportunity to propose a bill that would "legally exclude biological men" from single sex spaces designated for women, including toilets and changing rooms.

There are already provisions for single sex spaces in the Equality Act 2010. 

The move comes after the right-wing politician visited Washington DC in the US, where she even made an appearance on Fox News.  

Several states in America, including Idaho, Arkansas, Alabama, Oklahoma and Tennessee, have introduced anti-transgender bathroom laws since 2021.

Truss's draft legislation will also aim to prevent under-18s from accessing hormone therapy and block the state from recognising social transitioning by those under this age, according to sources. 

Scotland's gender reforms had included plans to allow 16 and 17-year-olds the ability to legally change their gender, with some stricter requirements than those aged over 18, before they were blocked from becoming law by the UK Government.

Truss confirmed the move on Twitter/X, writing: "This week I will present a Private Members' Bill to Parliament. The Bill would protect single-sex spaces in law.

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"It would also protect children and teenagers from making irreversible decisions about their bodies."

Truss was 18th among the names revealed in the ballot last month, meaning there is no guarantee that her Bill will even be debated in the Commons.

Normally, only the first seven balloted Bills will have time to be included in a day’s debate and therefore have the highest chance of becoming law.

A source close to Truss told the PA news agency: “In her time as minister for women and equalities, Liz successfully blocked dangerous plans to allow gender self-ID.

The National:

“It has become increasingly clear there is a need for the law to better protect children and teenagers from making irreversible decisions about their bodies which they might come to regret.

“The law also needs to be amended in order to make it clear that biological males should be legally excluded from having access to single-sex spaces designated for women, including toilets, changing rooms, refuges and prisons.

“Liz decided to put forward these proposals after considering the amount of correspondence she receives on these issues and taking soundings from her South West Norfolk constituents.

“These are not party political issues and she hopes to bring together a broad cross-party alliance in support of her Bill.”

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The contents of the Bill, news of which was first reported by the Mail On Sunday, will be formally presented to the House Commons on Wednesday, along with a list of its MP backers.

Julie Elliott, Labour MP for Sunderland Central, came first in the ballot and will have top priority to bring forward a legislative proposal.

A spokesperson for Stonewall hit back at Truss's proposals:

"As prejudice and hate crime against trans people rise, it's important to remember that trans people make up 0.5% of the population, and have been lawfully using the facilities of their acquired gender in Great Britain since the 20th Century.

"Meanwhile a leading pediatrician is conducting a review of how to improve healthcare services for trans and gender questioning young people. This proposed Bill appears to be a knee jerk reaction to a moral panic, rather than something that would benefit the general public in any way."

A UK Government spokeswoman said: “This Government is clear of the fundamental importance of biological sex.

“The Equality Act already allows single-sex spaces to be restricted on the basis of sex where that is justified, and the EHRC (Equality and Human Rights Commission) has published extensive guidance to support providers.

The National: Trans rights supporters

“NHS England is also making significant improvements to children’s gender identity services to protect children, including consulting on measures to severely restrict, the prescribing of puberty blockers to children aged 16 and under.

“As set out in the Cass Review’s interim report, social transition is not a neutral act, so any decision to social transition should be in the best interests of the individual.”

We previously told how the UK's human rights watchdog the EHRC is currently under special review due to its treatment of transgender people, and lack of political neutrality from the Government, and could face losing its seat on some United Nations committees.