The National:

AS if the re-branding of George Osborne as a centrist-dad podcaster wasn’t torture enough.

During the latest episode of the Political Currency podcast – which Osborne presents alongside fellow milquetoast political casualty Ed Balls – Osborne recounted how he fumbled the pronunciation of a Scottish town name.

“My first speech as shadow chancellor in the House of Commons, I got up.

“Gordon Brown was the chancellor. He’d seen off, I think, six or seven former shadow chancellors. People like Michael Portillo and Francis Maude and Michael Howard, who were big figures as I was only 33-years-old.

“I got up and I thought I’d start on a really, sort of, friendly gesture, which was to congratulate him on being the MP for a new constituency, which I called Kirk-caldy and Cowdenbeath.

“I said: ‘Can I congratulate the Right Honourable gentleman on becoming the new MP for Kirk-caldy’ “At which point a Labour MP shouted out: ‘It’s Kirkcaldy you southern t**t’.

“And that was the end of my speech as shadow chancellor.”

It seems that Osborne did learn how to correctly pronounce Kirkcaldy.

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However, if his Scottish accent is anything to go by, he has never bothered to visit.

Now, The Jouker has no issue with folks attempting a Scottish accent (although it is notoriously difficult not to butcher).

But perhaps Osborne should stick to his day job of attempting to re-brand as a fuzzy podcast host rather than the dead-eyed chancellor who seemed to relish enforcing austerity.