MORE than a third of people want to replace King Charles with an elected head of state, according to a new poll.

People’s preference for the monarchy stands at 52% versus 34% of people who want to ditch the institution, research by Savanta has found.

Campaign group Republic said support for getting rid of the monarchy was now at “record” levels.

Polling by another firm, Ipsos, in May found support for Britain becoming a republic was at the then-record high of 28%. 

Graham Smith, the group’s chief executive, said: “This is a watershed moment for the anti-monarchy movement, with 1 in 3 now wanting to elect their head of state."

"Polling since the start of the year has consistently shown a big drop in support for the monarchy over the past decade."

"2023 was supposed to be the year the royals secure their future."

He branded the coronation a “PR extravaganza” to “manage the transition from Elizabeth to Charles” after the late Queen’s death and her son’s ascent to the throne.

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Smith added: “The royals were able to rely on more friendly media coverage than they could ever hope for, and a cavalcade of important people lining up to talk up its greatness, history, importance and necessity.

"Yet all that effort and expense has failed to shift the dial in their favour, instead the year ends with a record number wanting to elect the UK's head of state.

"With one in three people now preferring a republic this issue has to be addressed seriously by politicians and media.

“We are not a nation of royalists, and in time we will become a nation that overwhelmingly wants the monarchy gone."