AN SNP MP has urged Ofcom to investigate how Nigel Farage was permitted to appear on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

The former UKIP leader is currently in the Australian jungle filming the ITV show, appearing alongside figures such as Fred Sirieix and Jamie-Lynn Spears.

However, Owen Thompson, the SNP MP for Midlothian, told The Daily Record that Farage’s presence on the programme served to normalise inflammatory comments he has made about marginalised groups in the past.

“It’s hard to express my deep concern and utter disappointment regarding the decision to feature Nigel Farage on the popular show I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here,” he said.

“His presence on the programme normalises and trivialises his history of offensive and divisive statements and has no place in mainstream entertainment.

The National: The SNP MP Owen Thompson wants Ofcom to investigate ITV's casting of Nigel FarageThe SNP MP Owen Thompson wants Ofcom to investigate ITV's casting of Nigel Farage (Image: NQ)

“Farage, the former leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), has repeatedly targeted marginalised groups including immigrants, Muslim people and ethnic minorities.

“ITV or indeed any respectable TV channel should not be enabling the mediawashing of a hard right rabblerouser who seeks to profit from hate.

“Farage clearly now seeks to rehabilitate his odious reputation by appearing on a high profile show.

“The examples of Farage’s hideous politics are legion. Farage said on LBC Radio in 2014: 'I was asked if a group of Romanian men moved in next to you, would you be concerned? And if you lived in London, I think you would be'.

“Upon being asked whether he would object to living next door to German children, he replied: 'You know what the difference is'.

“He claimed in 2014 that parts of Britain were 'unrecognisable' and 'like a foreign land'.

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“He had also claimed he felt 'awkward' when he heard people speaking other languages on the train.

“When asked in a 2014 interview with Newsweek Europe who he thought should be allowed to come to the UK, he said: ‘People who do not have HIV, to be frank. That’s a good start. And people with a skill.’”

It is believed Farage was paid in the region of £1.5 million to appear on the ITV show.

But, so far, it appears that ITV’s decision to feature the controversial politician hasn’t paid off.

Ratings are considerably down compared to last year’s series, with 2.2 million fewer people tuning in to watch the show’s launch on November 19.

Indeed, many fans of the programme took to social media to say they would be taking part in a boycott due to Farage’s inclusion.

Farage has already clashed with fellow campmate Sirieix over his views about Brexit. 

Thompson urged Ofcom to investigate why the GB News presenter was cast on the show.

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He added: “By featuring Farage on ‘I'm A Celebrity’, ITV is effectively normalising, enabling and trivialising his views.

“This is a dangerous and irresponsible act that sends the message that his offensive and divisive rhetoric is acceptable.

“I urge Ofcom to investigate this matter and take appropriate action.

“Farage's presence on the show is an affront to decency and a betrayal of Ofcom's duty to uphold broadcasting standards in the UK."

A spokesperson for the programme said: "Broadcasting across all of our platforms is tightly regulated and all of our programmes are subject to strict compliance to ensure due impartiality.

“I'm A Celebrity has a history of featuring divisive political figures and viewers often see different opinions and views being challenged during conversations in the camp."

Ofcom has been contacted for comment.