ACTOR Ewan McGregor has revealed which Scottish story he would particularly love to see adapted for the big screen.

Known for starring as Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars series and for his role in Trainspotting, McGregor revealed how he’s always dreamed of seeing Robert Louis Stevenson’s Kidnapped adapted.

The story follows the journey of a young man named David Balfour who befriends Jacobite Alan Breck Stewart.

Speaking at the San Francisco Fan Expo over the weekend, the actor revealed how he was originally going to start in an adaptation of the novel but the project fell through.

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“I was going to make Kidnapped, the Robert Louis Stevenson novel some time ago, and I was excited about it,” he said.

“That’s a classic adventure book that was written just shortly after the Highland Clearances in Scotland, set in the 1700s, real swashbuckling stuff, and a great character, and then, long story short it didn’t happen.

“That I would like to do, it’s left me wanting. Some projects fall apart and you don’t think about them again, but that one I think would be an amazing story.”

The actor (below) also spoke of his love for Scotland and said he wanted to make more projects “back home”.

He said: “Scotland is so beautiful, it’s the most amazingly beautiful country and the landscape and the people there are amazing.

The National:

“I’ve enjoyed working there over the years on Shallow Grave, Trainspotting, I made two films there with David MacKenzie – Young Adam and Perfect Sense – so those four films plus Salmon Fishing in the Yemen was filmed there too.

“I’d love working at home, I’d like to do more, Kidnapped might come back. I really hope so. I’d love to make a contemporary film there.

“There’s a beautiful Ken Loach film called The Angels' Share, that’s a lovely film. There’s a specific tone to Scottish comedy in movies that goes back to my uncle Denis Lawson’s days, like Local Hero which he was in, and Gregory’s Girl.

“It’s the kind of humour I get because I’m from there. I’ll find a Scottish script, direct it there and my Uncle Denis will star in it.”