A SHOW paying homage to comedy giant Sir Billy Connolly will be returning to the stage next year. 

Dear Billy, which has been described as a 'love letter to the big yin', will appear at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

Ahead of the Fringe the show will also tour across Scotland, making stops in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Inverness. 

The announcement follows a successful run of shows earlier this year. 

The National:

Written and performed by Gary McNair, and directed by Joe Douglas , music at the show will be performed and composed by Simon Liddell and Jill O’Sullivan, set and costume design will be undertaken by Claire Halleran, with lighting design by Kate Bonney and Simon Hayes, and dramaturgy by Joe Douglas. 

The shows will allow audiences to laugh, sing, and celebrate Connolly, with attendees welcome to share their own Billy stories, with the possibility of them making it into the performance. 

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Gary McNair said:   “It was a real honour to get the opportunity to make Dear Billy last year. The creative team were a dream, and we couldn’t have been happier with the response from audiences up and down the country.  

"I also loved that people would share their personal stories about the Big Yin with us as we travelled. Both performing the show and receiving these stories felt like the perfect way to celebrate the special place that Billy Connolly holds in the hearts of the Scottish people.  

"The fact that there's been such a hunger for the show to return and that we are able to do it so soon is wonderful. I can't wait for us to get the band back together and take the show back on the road to head out across Scotland again to meet new audiences."

It comes after Connolly celebrated his 81st birthday last week. 

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