A NEW Scots Scriever is set to promote Galloway Scots during a year-long residency with the National Library of Scotland.

The past two years have seen two different Scrievers promote two different dialects of Scots: Alison Miller appointed Orcadian Scriever in 2021 while Shane Strachan was made Doric Scriever last year.

Now, the partnership between Creative Scotland and the National Library of Scotland which aims to promote Scots throughout communities in Scotland has appointed Susi Briggs as the first Galloway Scots Scriever.

Briggs is a poet, author, musician, podcaster and supporter of Scottish independence.

She said: “I am deeply honoured tae be the new Scots Scriever and tae represent Dumfries and Galloway.

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“I hae dedicated my creative career tae makkin shair oor leid is visible and validated by creatin contemporary Scots warks that inspire Scot literacy and positive public engagement.

“The role o Scots Scriever will open up new exciting opportunities fer me tae create new Scots language wark in aw the airts I currently wark in and beyond.

“I canna wait tae explore the archives fer inspiration and wark wi the team at the National Library o Scotland.”

The head of literature & publishing at Creative Scotland, Alan Bett, said Briggs would bring greater awareness to the Galloway Scots dialect.

“The Scriever is a wonderful opportunity for a writer to both focus on their own work in Scots and to bring greater awareness of the language to the wider public,” he said.

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“Susi Briggs is a captivating storyteller, children’s author and musician who will inspire Dumfries and Galloway audiences with her words as she reflects the area’s language and culture through her writing and engaging programme of events.”

As Dumfries and Galloway Scriever, Briggs will produce original written work in Scots.

The residency allows time for the exploration of the extensive Scots language collections held at the National Library.

Briggs will contribute to raising the profile, understanding and appreciation of the Scots language in general.

She will also promote the Scots language to local communities in Dumfries & Galloway and further afield through her creative practice, and via other channels such as events and social media.

Briggs will begin her residency in January 2024.