A SCOTTISH McDonald’s outlet has banned under-18s after 6pm.

The store, at Fort William in the Highlands, said it had taken the decision after verbal abuse was targeted at its staff.

Police were contacted and advised that introducing the ban was the best thing to do to protect staff safety.

In a post on Facebook, the McDonald’s store wrote: “Due to recent events we have had to make the decision to not allow under 18s into the store after 6pm. This has not been an easy choice; however, we must put the wellbeing of our staff and customers first.

“We will not tolerate or normalise abusive behaviour towards our staff.

“Having tried various tactics and compromises with the culprits, we are left with no choice but to make a rule that affects all young people of Fort William, based on the actions of a few.

“As the nights get colder we want to be a safe and warm place for the young people of Fort William, but we cannot do this at the cost of our safety. I have met with local police today and they have agreed that this is the best plan of action for us currently. We hope to revise this decision in future.”

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A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "It is worth stressing that the vast majority of young people do not come to the attention of police. But we know that a small minority do sometimes become involved in anti-social behaviour and their actions can have a negative impact on the lives of local residents.

"Anyone who has concerns about anti-social behaviour in their area is encouraged to contact police by calling 101 as promptly as possible."

Maxine Fraser, the managing director of Retailers Against Crime, told the BBC that the number of retailer workers facing abuse was rising across the UK.

In March, 2022, a KFC in Dundee also banned young people aged under 18 after 6pm in a bid to crack down on anti-social behaviour.