A community has hit out after a Glasgow school was targeted by "disgusting" Nazi vandalism.

Staff at St Francis Primary School in the city's Gorbals were shocked to find the graffiti tagged on the walls and doors of the school's entrance on Tuesday morning.

Images shared by the school on Twitter/X show a swastika, bad language, obscene drawings and gang tags among the graffiti scribbled on the wall. 

The National:

A spokesperson said: "Another morning where our children have to encounter disgusting vandalism.

"Gang tags, smashed windows, bad language and inappropriate images have NO place in our school.

"We ask our community [to] please be vigilant. Our children deserve better!"

The National:

They added that while their janitor had acted quickly to remove the tags, he "shouldn't have to" do it at all. 

The incident has also been condemned by local Labour councillor Soryia Siddique, who deemed it "unacceptable" and said she would raise it with Police Scotland.


Council bosses commended the school for quickly removing the graffiti, but bosses are also urging anyone who may have information about the vandalism to tell the police.

They slammed those responsible for the "mindless" behaviour. 

Councillor Christina Cannon, the city convener for education and early years, said: “These are the acts of mindless vandals who don’t care about damaging property or what upset their actions cause.

“Their behaviour is abhorrent and anyone with any information should let the police know.

“Well done to the janitor and the school’s swift action to remove the disgusting graffiti.”

Police Scotland was contacted for comment.