GERMAN comedian Henning Wehn has said he is “done” with the Edinburgh Fringe as he expressed his disappointment at the price of accommodation.

Writing on Twitter/X, the comic said he had been quoted £9000 to stay in a flat for one month in Edinburgh during the festival.

He said: “Yesterday I was flat hunting for the Edinburgh Fringe. Going rate for bog standard two bedroom flat for the month seems to be £9k.”

Wehn added that another comedian, Nik Coppin, had “spotted a camper van on someone’s drive for £7k for the month”.

The National:

“I think that’s me done with the Fringe,” the comedian added.

In a separate post, Coppin then joked: "I’ll be staying under a bridge during @edfringe ‘24, waiting for 3 goats to attempt to cross, so I can have something to eat in August."

Wehn replied: "Any vegan options available?"

We previously told how the boss of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe said a “strategic approach” was needed to dealing with rising accommodation costs.

Shona McCarthy branded soaring bills as being the “grim reaper”. She previously told MPs on Westminster’s Scottish Affairs Committee earlier this year that artists and venues involved with the Fringe were still suffering financially as a result of the Covid pandemic.

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McCarthy said: “I think there is still huge opportunity both to invest in the festivals locally, because at the minute I think we all operate on shoestrings, we all operate on a huge amount of good will.

“Our marketing budgets are miniscule and yet we have these global reputations. There is an enormous amount the Scottish and UK Governments could do to promote the festivals overseas.”