OUTLANDER star Sam Heughan has revealed his James Bond ambitions in a new interview.

Speaking to The Telegraph, the Outlander star said he will “throw my hat in the ring”.

Back in 2005, Heughan auditioned for James Bond in Casino Royale, but the iconic role ended up with Daniel Craig instead. But with the veteran actor stepping aside, there’s a new vacancy for the role and the Scottish actor has previously been tipped for it.

Now, Heughan has claimed that he would be a “brilliant Bond”, adding: “I’m good at action and I’d bring a lot of ­emotional intelligence.”

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Heughan also spoke of his support for Scottish independence, explaining that while he was initially against it, filming the first ­season of Outlander in the run-up to the 2014 ­referendum changed his opinion.

“Scottish politics right now is a bit of a mess, which is a shame, but maybe they’ll find a new rallying cry. We’re a great wee country with amazing resources, most of which are controlled by the British. Similar small European countries have great identities,” he said.

“Why can’t actors have opi­n­ions? The problem is you have to come down on one side, there is no room for deb­ate. Everything has be­come so aggressive and then social-media algo­rithms mean you only get to see one side of the argument.”