AN organisation founded to bring together young Conservatives has ceased operations due to the party’s “less than inspiring” offer to young voters.

In a statement released by the chairman and secretary of the Young Conservative Network on Monday, they said that a lack of “ambitious proposals” in key policy areas such as housing, childcare and education had contributed to the decision to disband the group, which was founded in 2020.

“After over three years of working to bring together disconnected Young Conservatives across the United Kingdom through events, group chats, and our social media presence, we have now taken the decision to cease formal operations of the Young Conservative Network.

“We believe that we have made a positive contribution to the Conservative movement by facilitating and enabling access between our members to Cabinet Minister and Members of Parliament through over fifty different events, during the pandemic, and later in-person.

“Whilst we believe more work is needed to solidify the youth vote, we believe we have reached the point in our lives where it is necessary to move on.

“In our dealings with the Conservative Party, we have both always worked to build commonality and bridges between us and our members. In the last year, this has proved increasingly challenging due to the political climate, as we have observed an increasing disconnect between members and the party since the tumultuous removal of two elected Party Leaders, leading to factional issues that have yet to be resolved.

“To win the next General Election, it will be necessary for our Conservative Party to heal the divides that still exist.

“We still believe that Conservative ideals are popular with the younger generation, however our present policy offering to them is less than inspiring.

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"Having had the privilege to engage with Young Conservatives over many years, we have both been made aware that the lack of ambitious proposals on housing and planning reform, childcare, and education are critical issues that still not being adequately addressed.”

It goes on to state that while they continue to wish success for the party, their “personal circumstances and time commitments” are incompatible with continuing to run the group.

Last month, a YouGov poll found that just 1% of voters aged between 18-24 would vote for the Conservative Party at a General Election.

It comes as Scottish Conservative MP Andrew Bowie branded TV presenter Carol Vorderman "pathetic" for claiming that young people would feel "shame" if they were members of the Conservative Party.