DAVID Tennant has released his anger at the recent Conservative reshuffle live, calling the move a way to keep the country "asleep".

Comedian Thanyia Moore joined the Scots actor on The Last Leg, Channel 4's comedy show that focuses on the week's "significant moments" in front of a live audience.

Lead presenter Adam Hills said he wanted to ask the two guests about political news but added he would have to break it down “bit by bit” before a quickfire starting with “Braverman".

Sunak sacked his controversial home secretary Suella Braverman, with her comments blamed for inciting violent conduct on Armistice Day.

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“What an embarrassment”, Moore said, while Tennant said he found out this week that the former home secretary is a Buddhist.

He added: “So she prays everyday for the wellbeing of all living creatures and then goes to work and shits on them."

”Next, Cameron,” Hills said.

Former prime minister David Cameron was elevated to the House of Lords after being appointed Foreign Secretary by Rishi Sunak this week – a surprise return to frontline politics seven years after he resigned in the wake of the Brexit referendum.

The National: Members of the media photograph Foreign Secretary Lord David Cameron (right) and Minister for

Moore said, "I don’t know why everyone’s shocked, everything’s coming back now, even Britney is," referencing popstar Britney Spears.

Tennant added: “It’s very depressing to see how far we’ve sunk when David Cameron is a safe pair of hands. The man who literally dropped the country in an unflushed toilet – and he’s back."

“James Cleverly,” said Hills.

Cleverly was shifted from the Foreign Office to replace Braverman as Home Secretary.

“Not very clever,” Tennant quipped, with Moore making jokes about his hair and beard colour contrast.

The final Tory to be discussed was Esther McVey, which got the biggest reaction from the panel.

Tory MP McVey has been given the unofficial title of “minister for common sense” after Sunak’s reshuffle.

Officially a minister at the Cabinet Office, the MP for Tatton, in Cheshire, was the most prominent appointment from the right wing of the Conservative Party, brought in with a brief to tackle “woke” issues in Whitehall.

Moore said: "One question, why does Esther McVey exist?".

Tennant said: "It makes me so angry, the way they weaponised this idea of, that, that being asleep is something to aspire to", which the audience welcomed with applause.

He added: “It makes me furious that they should have a minister who would encourage you not to have a crumb of empathy, not to think about what it might be to live through somebody else’s experience.

"To actually contextualise that in a Cabinet Office position – because it’s the only way the Conservatives are going to stay in power, if they make us all fucking stay asleep.

“They are a bunch of…”, he continued, before being cut off by applause and cheering.

Tennant concluded with: “I mean, aren’t they hateful?”