HUMZA Yousaf has called for a “General Election now” as he reacted to the news of Suella Braverman’s sacking.

It comes as Rishi Sunak prepares to reshuffle his Cabinet in a bid to “strengthen his team in Government to deliver long-term decisions for a brighter future”.

Writing on Twitter/X, Yousaf said: “Never has someone been so unfit for public office as Suella Braverman.

“At a time when we need those in Government to bring communities together, she revelled in fanning the flames of division.

The National:

“The Tories are out of ideas and out of time, there should be a General Election now.”

A number of other SNP MPs also took to Twitter/X to react to the news.

Alison Thewliss commented: “Ridiculous that this has taken so long – she has been an absolutely lousy home secretary, quite apart from the past week’s nonsense.”

Joanna Cherry meanwhile added: “Not before time Suella Braverman has been sacked. You can’t have a home secretary who stirs up trouble from the far right on Armistice Day then fails to thank the police who have to deal with the fallout from her shocking irresponsibility.”

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The sacking comes just days after far-right protesters clashed with police in London on Armistice Day.

Braverman had previously written a piece in The Times where she attacked the police force for what she claimed was bias in favour of left-wing protesters.

MP Stewart McDonald meanwhile simply posted a picture of Braverman with the caption: "CHEERIO, CHEERIO, CHEERIO."

The National:

Elsewhere, the Scottish Greens co-leader said the ex-home secretary "caused huge damage and spread enormous misery in her 13 month reign of cruelty".

“She deliberately targeted the most vulnerable people who were made to pay a terrible price for dehumanising policies that she introduced," she said.

"It is a shameful legacy that has scarred millions of lives by stoking division, hatred and wickedness.

“She should never have been handed the job in the first place let alone have been allowed to survive so long.

“If the Prime Minister had any strength and wasn't so terrified of his own backbenchers he should have sacked her months ago and have admitted his mistake, an error of judgement that has plunged the UK into toxic turmoil because of her cruel policies.

“The appalling scenes we saw on Saturday were only the tip of the iceberg. From dog whistles to the far right to racist Rwanda deportations and dawn raids, she was desperate to make life as difficult as possible for refugees and migrant communities.

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“It's not just Suella Braverman that we need to see the back of, it is the divisive and punishing politics that she represents. It is also the weak Prime Minister that appointed her and the disgraceful government of which she was a key part.

“The Scotland I want us to build is a welcoming and progressive one, and the exact opposite of the closed, authoritarian and insular UK that Suella Braverman has done so much to create.”