A TORY MSP has been called out for a “vulgar” tweet in response to Humza Yousaf’s call for a ceasefire in the Middle East.

Speaking to reporters, the First Minister continued to stress the need for an "immediate ceasefire” in Gaza.

“You either support an immediate ceasefire as the Scottish Government has been calling for or you’re frankly enabling the suffering of innocent men, women and children – almost 10,000 of whom have lost their lives including over 4000 children,” he said.

Writing in response on Twitter/X, Tory MSP for Central Scotland Stephen Kerr said: “There are dozens of issues which demand the urgent attention of Scotland’s First Minister.

The National:

“NHS waiting lists. Flooded areas of Angus. Police numbers collapsing across Scotland. This is your job. Not international diplomacy.”

A number of people responded to Kerr with user Fraser MacDonald commenting: “Genuinely aghast at this vulgar contribution from an elected Conservative MSP.

“Aside from a complete lack of humanity, it seems the Tories want to make it a thought crime to look beyond our borders and show some leadership where others fail. I stand with Humza.”

SNP staffer Nikita Bassi meanwhile posted on Twitter/X: “Stephen Kerr really is a nasty piece of work. No compassion, no empathy, just a pathetic attempt at political point scoring.

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“The FM has every right & responsibility to discuss the horrifying situation in Gaza & Israel. If ever a leader (which will never happen) you would know.”

Other users also reacted with fury with one saying the post was “vile and vacuous” while another questioned Kerr’s suggestion that the First Minister should not “engage in international diplomacy”.

The Tory MSP’s comments come after Yousaf told reporters his family are still in “significant distress” over relatives that remain in Gaza despite his in-laws returning home to safety.

Meanwhile, pressure continues to grow on Labour to call for a ceasefire with a number of councillors in Burnley becoming the latest to resign over Keir Starmer’s position on the matter.