AN independent councillor has been elected for the South Kintyre ward following a by-election on Thursday.

Jennifer Kelly, who replaces her father Donald after his resignation from Argyll and Bute Council in August, was up against four other candidates  – Joe Cunningham (Scottish Conservative and Unionist), Kenny MacKenzie (Scottish Liberal Democrats), Alan McManus (For Future’s Sake – Freedom Alliance) and John Richardson (Scottish National Party).

From an electorate of 5088, just 1592 ballot papers were received giving a percentage turnout of 31.3%. 

The South Kintyre Ward includes the areas surrounding Peninver, Drumlemble, Southend and Campbeltown.

The number of first preference votes for each of the candidates was:

  • Joe CUNNINGHAM, Scottish Conservative and Unionist - 208
  • Jennifer Mary KELLY, Independent - 913
  • Kenny MACKENZIE, Scottish Liberal Democrats - 183
  • Alan MCMANUS, For Future's Sake - Freedom Alliance - 7
  • John RICHARDSON, Scottish National Party (SNP) - 271

At the previous council election in the ward, the SNP secured 32.8% of first preference votes. This week, that figure dropped to 17%.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives saw their percentage of first preference votes fall from 22.5% to 13%.