SCOTTISH Labour and the SNP are tied in Westminster voting intention, according to the latest poll.

The Redfield and Wilton Strategies survey, which is the second poll to be published on Thursday but the more recently conducted, predicted both parties would win 32% of the Scottish vote at a General Election.

The Tories polled at 23%, the LibDems at 8%, and the Greens at 2%.

The previous poll, from the Scottish Election Survey (SES), had given Labour a six-point lead.

The SES poll was conducted from October 20-25, while the Redfield and Wilton Strategies survey was run from October 29-30.

The more recent poll reflected the SES survey in its other results, with the SNP leading in the Holyrood constituency by four points.

Redfield and Winton Strategies predicted that, in a Holyrood vote, 34% of Scots would vote SNP in their constituency, 30% would vote Labour, 22% Tory, and 8% LibDem. The Greens and Alba both polled at 2%.

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In the Holyrood list vote, the poll predicted the SNP would win 28% of the vote, Labour 27%, the Tories 21%, and the Greens 9%.

The LibDems polled at 8%, Reform UK at 4%, and Alba at 3%.

Redfield and Winton Strategies also asked 1092 Scots adults how they would vote in an independence referendum if it were held tomorrow.

It found that 50% said they would vote No, while 45% said they would back Yes. The other 5% said they did not know.

Elsewhere, the survey found that First Minister Humza Yousaf’s approval rating was at its highest since he had taken the keys to Bute House. However, the SNP leader still polled at -4%, with 36% disapproving against 32% approving.

On the question of who would make a better first minister, Yousaf led Scottish Labour’s Anas Sarwar by 7%, and the Scots Tories’ Douglas Ross by 15%.

The UK Government's net competency rating in Scotland was recorded at -42%, while the Scottish Government's was -7%.

Redfield and Winton Strategies polled 1092 Scottish adults between October 29-30.