MORE than 100 ways to speed up action to reduce Scotland’s contribution to the climate emergency have been published in the largest collection of climate policies ever gathered by Scottish civil society.

Produced by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, the manifesto has been drawn up with support from Poverty Alliance, the Scottish Wildlife Trust and other organisations.

“It’s completely unjust that those living on the lowest incomes are the most vulnerable to the effects of the climate emergency,” said Ashley McLean, of the Poverty Alliance.

“A truly just transition means bringing everyone with us through policies that protect people on the lowest incomes in our society.

“We are glad to be part of a manifesto that calls attention to areas like transport and housing where climate and social justice can be achieved together. Expanding free public transport provision, making warm homes and making our energy sector more just will help us to protect our planet and the people living on it.”

Mike Robinson, chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, criticised the UK for “backtracking” on commitments but added that the Scottish Government also needed to adopt the manifesto’s actions.

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“We are in a new era for tackling climate change,” he said. “The impacts could not be clearer, with record-breaking ocean temperatures, droughts, wildfires and floods across the world.

“And yet the evidence of government and organisations doing more to address the issue is in perilously short supply, with the UK Government even backtracking on commitments at a time when we need to accelerate action.

“While Scotland has relatively strong climate targets – which were agreed by every political party – we’ve missed four out of the last five, so we need to maintain the pressure to meet and exceed them, and show the strong public support for action.

“The Scottish Government’s new Climate Change Plan, due to be published later this year, is a crucial opportunity to adopt the bold, ambitious new actions in the Climate Manifesto and get on track to meeting targets.”

Backing the manifesto, Professor Saleemul Huq, director of the International Centre for Climate Change and Development in Bangladesh, praised Scotland for setting a good example and urged the Government to continue the work.

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“Recent UN conferences have failed to deliver the progress needed on climate finance and commitments to reduce emissions,” he pointed out.

“However, despite not being an official party to the talks, Scotland showed leadership at COP26 in Glasgow and played a vital role in moving on the debate on finance for climate-induced loss and damage.

“Scotland must continue to set a strong example to other Global North countries and do what it can to drive progress.”