A MUSICIAN who performs with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra (RSNO) has appealed for help after her “beloved” flute was stolen on a train.

Katherine Bryan, 41, who is the RSNO’s principal flautist, had her instrument stolen on Monday morning from a beige backpack on a Brighton-bound train, between Farringdon and East Croydon stations.

The flute is a Brannen silver Millennium 5320 with a silver Lafin head joint and a gold lip plate.

It is thought to be worth around £15,000 and prices can start from around £6500 second hand.

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British Transport Police (BTP) have launched an investigation.

Bryan tweeted on Monday: “Today my beloved flute was taken.

“It was in a beige rucksack, stolen between Platform 3 at Farringdon and East Croydon Station, on the 9.34 train to Brighton.

“Flute is a Brannen silver Millennium 5320 with a silver Lafin headjoint w/gold lip plate.”

Bryan told the Daily Mail she felt “physically sick” when she realised the flute was missing.

She added: “Flutes are very personal to the player. That’s why it’s so devastating when you lose one.”

She was appointed to the role of principal flautist when she was 21 and has played for the RSNO for around 20 years.

A BTP spokesperson said: “BTP received a report of a suspected bag theft yesterday morning (October 23) on a train between Farringdon and East Croydon.

“The bag contained a high value flute. Inquiries are ongoing and anyone with information can contact BTP by texting 61016, quoting reference 198 of October 23.”

Thameslink, the train company Bryan was travelling with when her flute was stolen, is looking into the matter.

It tweeted: “We’re sorry to hear of this upsetting news. We’re currently looking into this for you and will be back in touch if we hear anything regarding your flute.”