The National:

IT’S been quite the year for Rishi Sunak. From HS2 to bizarre jibes about Nicola Sturgeon, it wasn’t exactly difficult for us to come up with a list of his worst moments.

And it seems that spelling can be added to the list of skills which the Prime Minister has failed to bring to No 10.

A video posted on Sunak’s Twitter/X account celebrating his so-called “achievements” had to be deleted as it spoke of what “we’ve acheived”.

The National:

The video – which would also leave you dizzy with its pace – listed “record NHS funding” and “one million new homes” as some of the PM’s best work.

Many took to social media to laugh at the error, however, with one user writing: “No 10 confirms that raising educational standards will be in their new manifesto…”

“Seems an English degree isn’t a complete waste of time after all,” said another.

A third added: “Broken Britain, broken spelling…”

A fourth user said the error “sums up the competency of No 10 nicely”.

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As much as The Jouker is laughing, we can only hope that the video wasn’t seen by the Education Secretary.

Perhaps raising spelling standards should be added to the list of the PM’s famous five priorities.

The video has since been deleted and the spelling error corrected.